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Google to Intro Major Android Icon Redesign, Says Report

by Brandon Russell | April 14, 2014April 14, 2014 12:30 pm PST

The future of Android’s next big refresh remain virtually unknown, with only small tidbits suggesting we might see improvements to Google Now. But a fresh rumor claims an upcoming update will introduce a big new change in iconography, focusing on matching design across all of Google’s platforms. What you see on Android, Chrome OS and the Web will all look identical, giving the search giant a more synchronized appearance no matter where you Google.

According to Android Police, Google is preparing to change its Android launcher apps to more closely resemble its Web properties. The open envelope style of the mail app on Android, for example, will be changed to match the Gmail icon on the Web, and so on. A source provided some pictures of the potential changes, showing off a cleaner style in comparison to what’s available in Android 4.4 KitKat. Some of them are slight variations of their Web counterparts, while others, such as Gmail, are more evolutionary. Google Play and Calendar are also different.

To further hammer home the possibility of Google’s redesigned look of Android, Android Police points out a screenshot from a Google Partners page, which displays a few of the icon changes. That doesn’t necessarily confirm icon changes are headed for Android, or elsewhere, but it sure seems like Google is planning to do just that. If so, Android users can expect icons with an even flatter appearance and hard shadows.

Google’s Android design has slowly evolved to take on a cleaner and flatter aesthetic, especially from Jelly Bean on. With Google I/O set to kick off this summer, chances are we’ll see the search giant detail the changes. Most of the icons look pretty great, and further show that Google is capable of excellent design. I’m just not so sure about that People app icon; it’s just… off.


Brandon Russell

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