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University Offers A Course On Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse

by Brandon Russell | April 13, 2014April 13, 2014 12:00 pm PST


Are you prepared for the impending zombie apocalypse? When TV shows, books and explainers just won’t cut it, perhaps a high education learning will do. Michigan State University will again offer a course that doesn’t so much teach students about actual zombies, but the disaster, catastrophe and human element behind such situations. For anyone who watches The Walking Dead (or who played The Last of Us), we all know that humans are a much bigger threat during an apocalyptic occurrence.

According to the online course’s Facebook page, students will “learn about the nature, scope and impact of catastrophic events.” Obviously it isn’t necessary to frame such a course using zombies, but seeing as they’re the trendy thing right now, the university is capitalizing on it. Students who take the course will be required to simulate surviving with a group during a catastrophic event. Seeing as the class is done entirely online, “surviving” is definitely a relative term, but students will need to cooperate with others if they want to make it out alive. Or, in this case, get a passing grade.

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While the actual course name might turn heads for all the wrong reasons, the theme is actually really intriguing, and hopes to attract attention to “catastrophes and human behavior.” I’d take the course over a math class any day. When all hope is lost and there’s nothing yet to live for, how would you survive? Would you behave with hostility toward everyone you met? Or would you still try to keep some of your humanity in tact? Any fans of The Walking Dead know that the answer to that isn’t so black and white.

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