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John Legere Flaunts Shiny New Gold Galaxy S5

by Brandon Russell | April 12, 2014April 12, 2014 10:00 am PST

John Legere gold galaxy s5

Being the CEO of a company definitely has its perks. And it seems one of them, if you’re head honcho of T-Mobile, is being handed 24kt flagship devices like they’re Halloween candy. What does one do with a gold smartphone anyway? We don’t know what list John Legere was added to, but we’d like to nominate ourselves for future handouts.

There are special edition devices, and then there are special edition devices. At your next party, you’re unlikely to one-up one of the industry’s most divisive CEOs. Did you see this great new Galaxy S5 I got, you’d say. Legere would simply pull his gold S5 out, shaming your new device into a dank tech corner.

Given that the HTC One (M8) is the more attractively designed handset without the 24kt shell, we’d have to say HTC wins this round of excess and luxury. But who are we kidding: who would turn down a gold S5? Just don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly the center of attention wherever you go. Not that Legere isn’t used to that already.

Brandon Russell

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