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Instagram Confirms Services Are Down (Update)

by Brandon Russell | April 12, 2014April 12, 2014 10:10 am PST


Has your feed gone dark? Why is nobody posting new selfies? Your friends haven’t suddenly ditched the popular photo-centric service. Instagram is just down, maybe because it could no longer handle the mundanity of your smiling face in every picture. Your Coachella pictures will have to wait.

Instagram has been down for about an hour this morning, starting around 9 a.m. PT. According to its Twitter, the service is currently experiencing a “feed delivery issue.” An hour of silence (or longer!) is actually pretty huge for a service with such a large user base. That’s a lot of potential likes, shares and comments disappeared into the Internet purgatory.

That loading circle just keeps on spinning, and spinning, and spinning. No new pictures. Selfie urges too great. Life isn’t ending, however. We’ll let you know when the service is back up. In the meantime: go to the nearest Walgreens and print out your pictures, and then send them to a friend through the mail.


It appears full service has been restored. Proceed with posting what you had for brunch.

Brandon Russell

Brandon Russell likes to rollerblade while listening to ACDC.