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Guess the Device: A Beautiful Way To Chat With Friends and Family

by Brandon Russell | April 12, 2014April 12, 2014 12:00 pm PST

How often do you Skype/Facetime/Hangouts with friends and family? Once a day? Once a week? Never? With seemingly every new device today equipped with some form of front-facing camera, it’s never been easier to host a face-to-face Internet chat. When you’re miles and miles away from someone you care about, seeing them smile can make that distance disappear. Even just checking in to quickly say good morning can make a difference.

The device you see above helped millions of people achieve that when it was released, though it was by no means unique or ubiquitous in the market. It was actually a pretty expensive gadget, and by today’s standards, sported some pretty paltry specs. Devices today are actually equipped with better technology; this huge device is now shrunk down to fit into a gadget you can easily slip into your pocket.

To give you context of its size, this device looks more like an action camera than what it was actually designed for—about the size of a pill bottle. I’ll refrain from sharing other specs, because that’ll make your job of guessing much too easy. (You already guessed anyway, so it doesn’t even matter.)

Last week’s Guess the Phone was Microsoft’s venerable Zune HD.

Brandon Russell

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