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Verizon Reportedly Disables PayPal Fingerprint Payments on the Galaxy S5

by Jacob Kleinman | April 11, 2014April 11, 2014 9:00 pm PST

Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Reader

Samsung may not be the first company to release a smartphone with a fingerprint sensor, but the decision to include PayPal support in the Galaxy S5 marked a potentially huge step forward for mobile payments. Verizon customers hoping to make use of the new feature may be out of luck though, according to a new report claiming the carrier has disabled PayPal support in the device.

Droid-Life notes that when setting up the fingerprint sensor on a Verizon Galaxy S5, the option to allow biometric PayPal support is nowhere to be seen. On an AT&T variant of the phone the option was listed among features for the scanner, prompting you to download an app called NNL Fingerprint Passport to actually use PayPal. Droid-Life even tried downloading NNL Fingerprint Passport directly onto a Verizon Galaxy S5 only learn that the app wouldn’t work on the device.

It’s unclear why Verizon would block PayPal support for the Galaxy S5’s fingerprint scanner, though it’s possible the carrier will point to security concerns. For now it looks like the same feature is available on all other U.S. variants. If you’re stuck on Verizon and desperate to make mobile payments you can still use Tap & Pay in Google Wallet, though that’s not quite as cool as paying with your fingerprint.

TechnoBuffalo reached Samsung for comment and the company said it was looking into the report.


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