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Samsung Tried to Cover Up Weak Galaxy Tab Sales, Secret Docs Show

by Jacob Kleinman | April 11, 2014April 11, 2014 10:00 am PST

As Apple and Samsung’s patent trial continues we’re learning more and more about both companies. Today a document obtained by AppleInsider reveals the South Korean company intentionally tried to mislead the press over sales of its original Galaxy Tab, the Android Tablet which reportedly pushed Apple to declare war against Samsung and Google’s mobile OS.

When Samsung released its first Android tablet, Apple was already dominating the market while smaller devices from Amazon and Barnes & Noble made up most low-cost sales. The original Galaxy Tab was a flop, which doesn’t really come as much of a surprise, but Samsung wasn’t willing to admit it had failed to produce an iPad killer. Instead, the company apparently tried to trick analysts and the press into reporting that Samsung had knocked it out of the park with the Galaxy Tab, though even back then most of us could tell the company was bluffing.

During an earnings call covering the fourth quarter of 2010, Samsung mentioned it had shipped 2 million tablets that winter. Soon afterward reports that Samsung had sold 2 million copies of the Galaxy Tab began popping up, prompting interest in the device from consumers and even Apple. In reality, however, Galaxy Tab sales were nowhere near 2 million. A year later in 2011, Samsung only sold 1 million tablets, compared to 17.4 million iPads sold by Apple and 5 million Kindle Fire tablets sold by Amazon. Even Barnes & Noble was beating Samsung at the time, with 1.5 million Nooks sold that year.

Years later, Samsung appears to be doing just fine when it comes to tablets. The company offers pretty much every size and model you can think of, while Android has evolved to a point where it’s a pretty pleasant tablet experience. Back in 2010, however, Samsung didn’t dominate the market the way it does today, though that clearly didn’t stop it from acting like its devices were already flying off the shelves.

Apple Insider

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