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Fire TV Shipments Delayed Until April 18, Gaming Controller Pushed Back to May

by Brandon Russell | April 11, 2014April 11, 2014 8:00 pm PST

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Amazon’s Fire TV has barely been on the market for a week and already the set-top box is sold out. Visiting the online retailer’s site right now, the listing shows an in-stock date of April 18—next Friday—meaning there might be a bit of a snag in the supply chain. Either demand is greater than Amazon expected, or the company only made just enough units to see how the device would be received. Maybe the company is trying to drum up hype, thus creating the illusion of demand (who knows).

For a device making an entrance into an already crowded market, the Fire TV is a respectable first attempt that has a lot to offer. Not only does it access Amazon’s own ecosystem of Instant Video content, but it can run third-party apps as well, including Netflix, Hulu Plus, and WatchESPN. In addition, it has some beefy specs, similar to some of today’s flagship smartphones, rather than a wimpy streamer. Consumers can also take advantage of the device’s gaming capabilities (there’s a nice controller that consumers can purchase).

Amazon has been pretty quiet about the Fire TV thus far. It would appear that sales are going swimmingly in the early going, but the company hasn’t said a word about any sales figures. Along with the Fire TV being sold out, Amazon’s Fire gaming controller has been pushed back to a May 11 delivery date; Amazon cites “popular demand” as the reason for the controller’s unavailability. If you plan on getting a Fire TV, our suggestion would be to get it now before the April 18 date gets pushed back even further.

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