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Google Glass Coming to All U.S. Consumers April 15

by Brandon Russell | April 10, 2014April 10, 2014 1:30 pm PST

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Google Glass isn’t nearly ready for public consumption—or maybe consumers aren’t ready for it. Either way, Google is ready to make a huge push by opening up Glass availability to anyone willing to shell out the $1,500 (with free frame or shade!). That’s out of the price range for a lot of folks, but Google is clearly intent on making Glass more accessible to a wider audience. This comes after Google got done dispelling so-called myths about Glass.

Google on Thursday confirmed it will expand its Explorer program to any U.S. consumer beginning April 15, though the offer will only be for a limited time; you can sign up starting at 6 a.m. PT next week. Google has already widened availability to All Access subscribers, and there have been smaller campaigns along the way as well since Google started accepting pre-orders nearly two years ago.

This is by no means a consumer release, simply Google’s way of opening up the Explorer program. Google Glass has been in the news quite a bit this year, though for all the wrong reasons. Google was even prompted to release a backhanded response to Glass users instructing them not to act like “Glassholes” (Google’s terminology, not ours).

There’s clear interest in wearable technology for the wrist, but a face computer is a different issue entirely. Privacy is a major hurdle facing Google Glass wearers, not to mention that it looks downright strange when we’re just getting used to our eyeballs being glued to smartphones. With Glass possibly available on a wider scale, Google’s wearable cult could strengthen very soon—and that’s exactly what Google wants.

To discover new places, sometimes we need to leave the map behind. And that’s what Glass Explorers do. They are the first to make, to tinker, to create, to shape, and to share through Glass. We’re expanding little by little, and experimenting with different ways of bringing new Explorers into the program.
Your big chance to get Google Glass is coming in just a few days. All you need is no friends and $1,500.


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