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Pokémon Black and White Soundtracks Now Available on iTunes

Pokemon Black and White

Continuing right along with the rest of the series, The Pokémon Company has made the soundtrack for Pokémon Black and White available on iTunes.

The Pokémon Black & Pokémon White: Super Music Collection will run you $9.99, and it contains 173 different tracks from the series’ huge array of composers: Junichi Masuda, Shota Kageyama, Hitomi Satō, Gō Ichinose, Morikazu Aoki, Minako Adachi, and Satoshi Nohara. Say all those names three times really fast, wow!

I’ve played through most of the generations of Pokémon games, but Black and White and their sequels are not among them. Therefore, I cannot speak for the quality of the music in this collection, nor do I have the nostalgia for them to dive in at the full price. Based on the rest of the soundtracks I have checked out over the years though, it is most likely worth the asking price.

Music has been one of the many things Nintendo’s long-running RPG series has done consistently well, and I doubt it stumbled with these entries. Anybody have any further opinions?

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