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Gear 2 Teardown Reveals Easy-to-Remove Battery

by Jacob Kleinman | April 9, 2014April 9, 2014 11:30 am PST

gear 2 teardown

The Galaxy Gear was pretty much a dud, but can Samsung find success with the Gear 2? We’re still waiting for the second-generation smartwatch to hit the market, but the folks at iFixit have already torn apart the device and slapped it with a pretty positive score of eight out of 10 for its repairability.

The Gear 2 came apart pretty easily in the hands of these teardown experts, though iFixit notes that the fused display assembly represents a costly barrier. The watch band and battery are easy to remove this time around however. The use of visible screws also makes it pretty simple to open up the device if something goes wrong.

Most customers probably won’t consider repairability while shopping for a smartwatch, but it’s still nice to know the device can be fixed without too much hassle. If you are looking to pick up a wearable for your wrist you may to consider your options though. Samsung’s Gear Fit is a sleek alternative with a focus on health and fitness tracking, while the first Android Wear devices are set to launch sometime this summer.


Jacob Kleinman

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