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Facebook Pulling Chat From its Main App to Push Messenger

facebook messenger app

Facebook is apparently in the process of pulling the chat feature from its main mobile app in an effort to push more people to download the company’s standalone Messenger application, TechCrunch reports. Facebook started sending out notifications about the upcoming change today, noting that the update will officially begin in two weeks before eventually rolling out to everyone.

If you’re already using the Messenger app this won’t be a big deal. It’s a pretty handy application that’s worth downloading anyway. Facebook’s also already implemented a neat trick for quickly jumping between the two apps. Click the chat button in the main Facebook app and you’re automatically transported to Messenger. You can also click a panel at the top of the screen in Messenger to jump right back into your Facebook feed. may be a one-stop destination for all your social networking needs, but the company’s mobile strategy takes the opposite approach by offering a suite of separate apps for various purposes. Beyond the main Facebook app there’s Messenger, Paper and the long-forgotten Snapchat-knockoff Poke.¬†For now you’ve been getting along fine with just the main application, but it looks like that’s about to change as Facebook enters the next phase of its smartphone strategy.


Jacob Kleinman

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