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Comcast Reportedly Interested in Offering Wireless Service

by Brandon Russell | April 9, 2014April 9, 2014 11:00 am PST


The Information reports Comcast is looking to branch away from cable by becoming a wireless carrier. Sources close to the company’s plans claim Comcast is in early stage negotiations to offer a wireless network by leveraging its Wi-Fi access points with leased spectrum. Comcast currently has over a million public access Wi-Fi points across the U.S., giving the cable provider inroads to high-traffic areas.

According to The Information’s report, the cable company could enable a network that allows phones to seamlessly switch from Wi-Fi access points to wireless spectrum, similar to how Republic Wireless operates, ensuring consumers always have a strong connection. With a growing network of public access points and special residential routers, Comcast may have already created an army ready for deployment; the next step is to secure spectrum from a large U.S. carrier—maybe Verizon.

Google is another large company rumored to launch its own wireless service, with reports suggesting the search giant is eyeing up markets where its Fiber Internet is deployed. Comcast is apparently miles away from ultimately offering a wireless service, but company executives are reportedly very interested. Imagine being able to bundle in the added wireless service in with your monthly bill. It might not poach customers away from big carriers in droves, but some consumers will no doubt find the prospect enticing.

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