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Borderlands 2 PS Vita Slim Bundle Releasing May 6th in America

by Ron Duwell | April 9, 2014April 9, 2014 6:30 pm PST

Only one more month to wait for a lighter and more efficient PS Vita. Sony has confirmed that it new PS Vita 2000 series, lovingly called the PS Vita Slim by fans, will be released on May 6 in America.

Not only will the new handheld finally be released, but it will also come bundled with Gearbox Software’s massive hit Borderlands 2, meaning you can now take the popular RPG/FPS hybrid with you wherever and whenever you want to play. The bundle includes all six DLC packs and an 8GB PS Vita Memory card.

All this comes with a $199 price tag, definitely landing you your money’s worth.┬áThose who already own an original model Vita and don’t want to upgrade can still buy Borderlands 2 the following week through the PlayStation Store on May 13.

I was a huge fan of Borderlands, but never got especially far in Borderlands 2. Maybe taking it on the go and not relying on the turret character so much again will restore my interest, but I am mostly interested in buying a Vita to feed my Japanese, indie, and retro gaming habits. Do I go with the full bundle or just buy the system in Japan since it’s region free? Decisions, decisions.

Ron Duwell

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