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Twitter Launches New Web Profiles, Pinned Tweets, Timeline and More

by Sean P. Aune | April 8, 2014April 8, 2014 7:00 am PST

Twitter bio Channing Tatum

Your Twitter bio is about to receive a redesign profiles for the Web that bring a whole new feeling to your account.

The new Twitter bio changes up how you express yourself as well as some of the new tools you can use. Taking more of a cover photo approach akin to what we see on Facebook, your profile will now have a large banner image across the top of the page that can be anything you like. The changes, however, don’t stop there.

Have a tweet you want to make sure people see when they come to your Twitter bio? You can now pin one tweet to the top of the timeline so that your followers have a better idea of what you’re about or what you’re promoting. And if you have a tweet that has had a high engagement rate it will now appear in bold in your timeline so that visitors can see the things you discuss that interest the most people.

When browsing Twitter via the Web you will also have new filtering tools. You will be able to view timelines by tweets, tweets with photos/videos or tweets along with their replies.

For now the new Twitter bio is limited to people just joining the site and a selected handful of celebrities and prominent figures. It will begin rolling out to all other users over the coming days and weeks.

Considering that the majority of Twitter users access the service via mobile devices, it’s nice to see that the company hasn’t completely forgotten its roots. We imagine that these features will be making their way to mobile apps as well, but nothing has been mentioned at this time.

To check out the new profile, the following Twitter accounts received first crack at trying it out.

Twitter bio Weezer


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