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Goat Simulator Getting Free New Map and Local Multiplayer

by Ron Duwell | April 8, 2014April 8, 2014 2:30 pm PST

It seems that Goat Simulator has proven to be more popular than Coffee Stain Studios had planned. Despite saying that it would not support the game after initial release, it has already thrown that idea out the window and answered the calls of the fans.

The Internet’s favorite game will be getting a new map “roughly the size of the original map”¬†and jam packed with achievements and new goat models. The fun doesn’t stop there, because the new patch will also add a local multiplayer mode, so you can go goating around chaotically with your friends.

Perhaps if Goat Simulator proves popular enough, Coffee Stain Studios will submit and go the full mile, adding online multiplayer as well. Only time will tell.

Best of all, this new patch, which adds a level and multiplayer, will be 100 percent free. The core game itself is a slightly steep $9.99 for what amounts to a hilarious joke game, but Coffee Stain Studios is going to cut fans a break and deliver new content for no extra chanrge. Expect the patch to be delivered in mid-May.

You can purchase Goat Simulator for $9.99 at the official website with PC support only. No Linux or Mac will be made available until Coffee Stain acquiesces that promise also.

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