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Club Nintendo is All Mario This Month with Two Great Games

by Ron Duwell | April 8, 2014April 8, 2014 6:00 am EST

Super Mario World Star Road

The Club Nintendo prizes have updated for the month, and the choices are out of this world if you are a Mario fan and you own a Wii U. I’m willing to bet the overlap between those two categories is quite high.

First up is my absolute favorite Mario game, Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo. It is available for 200 coins at the Club Nintendo website, and it just might be some of the best imaginary money you’ll ever spend. Even to this day, Super Mario World is the most perfect game in the series with spot on controls, gorgeous 16-bit graphics, excellent level design, and plenty of secret levels to uncover. Who can forget Star Road and the multi-colored Yoshis?

Everything in this game is spotless, although I might agree that it is a little too easy. I don’t know if that’s the core game design or 20 years of experience talking though. I can beat any Mario game with over 200 1ups these days, so I’m guessing its the later.

The other Mario game is the Nintendo 64 sports classic Mario Golf, and it is available for 250 coins. Nintendo is no doubt making it available to stir up nostalgia to sell a few more copies of the incoming Mario Golf: World Tour on the Nintendo 3DS. If it weren’t for the new game and the lack of Wii U native support, it’s only available through the Wii Virtual Console, I would download this one too in a heartbeat.

That being said, I would rather play the Game Boy Color Mario Golf or the GameCube Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour if given the chance. Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64 is a nice enough offer though.

The Nintendo 3DS games are negligible this month, Tragectile and Art Academy: Fall Semester, so it looks like I’ll finally be putting Super Mario World on my Wii U. What a great game. Anybody else interested?

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