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Amazon Prime Instant Video More Popular Than Apple and Hulu

by Brandon Russell | April 8, 2014April 8, 2014 4:00 pm PST

Amazon Fire TV 28

Data compiled be Qwilt suggests Amazon Prime Instant Video has surpassed both Apple and Hulu in TV streaming usage. The information found that the number of streams delivered through Instant Video have nearly tripled year over year—the fact that Fire TV just launched certainly bodes well for Amazon’s content streaming aspirations. The online retailer’s service still trails behind Netflix, however, which has become the industry standard.

“We’ve invested hundreds of millions of dollars in great TV shows and movies for Prime members and it’s working,”said Bill Carr, BP of digital video and music for Amazon.

Fire TV, a small black set-top box that puts emphasis on speed and usability, could go a long way toward increasing the presence of Instant Video, which is part of Amazon’s Prime service. Right now, Qwilt’s data shows that Amazon controls 3-percent of the TV streaming market (as of March 2014), while Netflix is at nearly 58-percent. That’s an enormous disparity, though Amazon is allegedly beating out two major competitors, so the company is on the right track.

The Fire TV is open to third-party services—Netflix, Hulu Plus, etc.—but by and large Fire TV is designed to funnel customers to Amazon Prime Instant Video and other Amazon content. Fire TV’s voice controls, meanwhile, only search through Amazon’s own ecosystem, giving users a small incentive to stay within the company’s walled garden.

In addition, Amazon Prime Instant Video has been heavily investing in original content, which could attract new users over to the TV streaming service. Instant Video is part of Amazon’s Prime service, which runs users an annual $99 fee, and you get other incentives, too—there might be more as well in the future. As noted by Variety, Amazon has exclusive dibs on Downtown Abbey24Orphan BlackUnder the Dome and more.

While Qwilt’s data shows Amazon Prime Instant Video beating out Apple and Hulu, the company’s service has yet to catch up to YouTube, in addition to consumers’s number one choice, Netflix.


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