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Windows Phone 8.1 Dev Preview Coming “First Part of April”

Windows Phone 8.1 - Updates - Microsoft - Build 2014 - 003

Windows Phone 8.1 was announced last week, and we’re just as excited as you to give it a whirl. Microsoft originally said it was scheduled to launch for developers sometime this week, but then another report said it was simply going to launch on April 14. Actually, it turns out Microsoft might not have a hard date in mind just yet, and is instead simply promising the update will be available in the coming weeks.

Microsoft’s corporate vice president and head of Windows Phone Joe Belfiore, the guy who actually introduced the new operating system, took to Twitter to clarify the release to developers. “Lots of questions from everyone… Here’s SOME answers,” he said. “Timing for dev preview… “first part of April”. We don’t have exact date yet.” So, sounds like Microsoft isn’t sticking to the rumored April 14 date, at least not officially — even though that might be a goal.

Windows Phone 8.1 is a large improvement over Windows Phone 8, with plenty of new features including the Cortana voice assistant, support for a robust notification shade, a revamped calendar, music player, app store, and much more. For additional details, be sure to check out our Top 5 Features of Windows Phone 8.1. We’ll let you know as soon as it hits — and we’ll be sure to bring additional coverage once we get it installed over here.

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