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Today is Your Last Chance to Play the Resistance Trilogy Online

by Ron Duwell | April 7, 2014April 7, 2014 6:00 am PST

Resistance 3

As previously scheduled by Insomniac Games and Sony, the online portion of the Resistance trilogy will be shut down tomorrow, April 8th, making today your last chance to play the PlayStation 3’s early premiere first-person shooter series. At least you got an extra two weeks on top of the original kill date.

Insomniac developers have been appearing in the servers for one last gaming session, so if you’d like to join them, now is your chance. Resistance 2 has the best multiplayer of the three games with its RPG elements and class system making it a bit of a precursor to the Borderlands series. No point in building up a character, because it will be wiped clean before you start to find a groove with him.

Resistance and Resistance 3 are more straightforward multiplayer affairs, and if this were any other day besides the last day, I wouldn’t recommend them over Resistance 2. Based on the situation, their quick bursts of fun are the best way to close out the series’ run.

I’ve already said my piece on this several times, but this impermanence of video games simply can’t be allowed to continue. Publishers should have a responsibility to find a way to carry on the services we purchased if they want us to embrace digital and multiplayer gaming so openly. So far, continued fan support seems to be the best outlet.

Platinum trophies will also be unobtainable in all three games since they all include some kind of multiplayer requirement to unlock them.

People who loved these games will now never be able to experience Resistance as it was once enjoyed, a sadly discarded piece of video gaming history tossed aside for the sake of convenience and bottom line. Granted, I am not a fan of this series, but its only a matter of time before something I do adore, like Phantasy Star Online or Dragon Quest IX, is permanently lost and ventures beyond saving. Oh man…

Good luck slowly erasing our hobby from the face of the Earth, publishers! You’ll never get your greedy hands on my Super Nintendo cartridges!


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