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Microsoft to Deliver Original TV Shows to Xbox in June

Microsoft Xbox One-4

Microsoft is following in the footsteps of Netflix and Amazon and will deliver its own set of original TV series to its Xbox gaming consoles, Bloomberg said Monday. The company reportedly has six series ready to run this summer with more than 12 others already in the works.

Two of the series ready to debut include Every Street United, Fearless and Humans, the latter of which has a sci-fi twist and details life as a “humanoid robot worker,” Bloomberg explained. The projects are headed by Nancy Tellem who joined Microsoft from CBS, and who has experience creating original TV shows. “We aren’t trying to find something that’s going to be accepted by the largest common denominator, which is what a lot of people in the business look for,” Tellem told Bloomberg. “We’re focused on what we feel our audience on our platform wants.”

The company also wants to add a twist to its original content and may use the Xbox Kinect’s front-facing camera to capture a “viewer’s face and place them in a show’s crowd scene,” Bloomberg said. Other ideas include creating interactive content across platforms that can expand the experience beyond the TV set.

Microsoft already has a lot of competition in the space, especially since Netflix and its original content can be served up on an Xbox 360 or Xbox One. Though, assuming that Microsoft’s new shows will come as part of an Xbox Live subscription, the company will be adding even more value to an existing service, perhaps differentiating itself from other consoles.


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