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Star Wars: Episode VII Filming Is Already Underway

by Brandon Russell | April 6, 2014April 6, 2014 2:30 pm PST

Star Wars trio

Plenty of mystery still surrounds Star Wars: Episode VII. But according to Disney Studios Chairman, Alan Horn, filming for the movie has already begun, though it isn’t exactly clear what aspect of the film is already being worked on. What Horn probably means is that none of the actors are involved in the project just yet—there haven’t even been any official casting announcements—with actual scenes set to film sometime in May or June, as previously mentioned. Disney has confirmed the timeline of Episode VII, but fans haven’t been given much info beyond that.

Horn does hint that casting for the film is almost complete, so we can probably expect some kind of announcement soon. There have been rumors surrounding potential leading men, and there have even been reports about a possible villain for the upcoming movie, played by Girls actor Adam Driver. Nothing has been made official, however, so we’re still left to speculate. Disney has remained very calculated about releasing information about the film. Perhaps the biggest and most important piece of information? Episode VII’s Dec. 18, 2015 release date.

So filming has begun, but nothing much to see here. The likely scenario is that some special effects stuff is being shot, with those involved hoping to get much of that work started before any actors are involved. Since casting is largely complete, costumes, fittings and all that jazz has probably already been worked out, or is being worked out as we speak. Until any sort of information is revealed, Disney will certainly want to keep everything a secret so as to not spoil anything. But, as always, we’ll keep a close eye out for any breaking news.

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