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Musician To Introduce Smartwatch This Summer

by Brandon Russell | April 5, 2014April 5, 2014 1:00 pm PST

Could the dark horse smartwatch of the year come from technology savant The accessory maker this week appeared on a British TV show and showed off what he says has completely replaced his phone. Ditch your Note 3, your iPhone 5s; you don’t need a big screen and beautiful apps or cameras. Like’s gaudy iPhone accessory, this upcoming smartwatch, which looks enormous, is designed to alter the mobile market as we know it. Put your smartphone up on eBay now, because you no longer need it.

“It has Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,” says, looking around as though he doesn’t even believe himself.

He doesn’t provide very much information about the watch, including specs, price, or even the name; he did say, however, that it will launch in July. But said he completely funded it with his own personal money, and it won’t require a phone when it launches. Is this a late April Fools joke? It doesn’t appear to be. The watch can even play music, as pretended to demonstrate, all straight from the plastic cuff-like device. Tweeted on Friday that the watch is definitely real, and said more information is coming soon. Instagram on a watch? Who knows. Celebrity-made gadgets never leave us with the fuzziest of feelings, so we’re not particular pumped on Mr.’s smart watch of the future. With Android Wear devices on the way later this summer, will there be any room for an outside competitor like to muscle in on the wearable market?

I have a feeling he’s a little over his head, but we should find out more information soon.


Brandon Russell

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