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Apple Fears Android Growth, Internal Docs Show

Samsung Galaxy S4 VS Apple iPhone 5-Voice Assistants

Samsung went on the offensive this week as its patent trial with Apple continued. The South Korean company attempted to prove that Cupertino had grown increasingly concerned over Samsung and Android’s growth in the past few years, pointing to several internal Apple documents to prove its point, Re/code reports.

One document prepared earlier this year by an Apple employee notes that “competitors have drastically improved their hardware and in some cases their ecosystems.” The document goes on to note that most smartphone market growth is coming from cheaper devices under $300 or larger screens, while the market for the iPhone is beginning to slow down or even decline.

When asked to comment on the new evidence as part of his testimony, Apple Senior VP of marketing Phil Schiller said the document didn’t represent Apple’s policies. However, an email from 2013 written by Schiller also presented by Samsung revealed his concern over Samsung’s 2013 Super Bowl commercial. “I can’t help but thinking ‘these guys are feeling it’ (like an athlete that can’t miss because they are in a zone), while we struggle to nail a compelling brief on iPhone,” Schiller wrote after watching the ad. Apple apparently even considered replacing its marketing agency around the same time after the company was caught off guard by Samsung’s marketing blitz.

Schiller’s testimony began on Tuesday and focused largely on his involvement in the creation of the original iPhone. The Apple-Samsung trial is set to run through the rest of April before the jury comes to a verdict at the end of the month.

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