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Amazon Music Streaming Service Imminent, Says Report

by Brandon Russell | April 4, 2014April 4, 2014 3:30 pm PST


A music label contract acquired by Digital Music News suggests Amazon’s rumored streaming service is most definitely on the way. The licensing agreement seems to describe a streaming service that would presumably be part of Prime, which already provides users with Instant Video access. The most recent rumor surrounding Amazon’s planned music service claimed it would come with limitations for free users, and this contract seems to back up those claims — even though Amazon has publicly denied them.

Like Google Music All Access, free users will reportedly have access to the Spotify-like service, but only have access to playing a single recording once. Listening to a good song just once isn’t exactly easy to do, so Amazon could use the feature as a sort of promotion to either get consumers to buy that particular song or just opt into its streaming service. The contract notes that Amazon plans on launching “one or more digital music subscription service(s).”

Labels are given a deadline to sign the contract by May 1, suggesting the service could launch relatively soon. Amazon certainly isn’t afraid to join crowded markets, as evidenced by its Fire TV set-top box. A music subscription service could be one more perk for Prime subscribers, and ultimately encourage more users to sign up for the service, which just went up in price. Fire TV, by the way, doesn’t currently access the site’s music section, which may or may not hint at a big unveil to come.

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