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Mutant Mudds Developer Takes To Kickstarter to Fund Survival Horror Game

Renegade Kid, developer of the bright and cheerful 2D platformers Mutant Mudds and Treasurenauts, actually found its footing in the game industry by making first-person horror games Moon and Dementium for the original Nintendo DS. Re-releasing some of its hits on the Nintendo 3DS wasn’t enough to satiate their desire to return to the genre it seems.

It now has a Kickstarter to fund a similarly themed game called Cult County.

Renegade Kid describes Cult County as “The Walking Dead meets Silent Hill 2 from a first-person perspective.” You play as Gavin Mellick, a man whose mother has fallen deathly ill. Unable to reach his sister by phone, he drives six hours across the barren Texas landscape to his hometown to tell her in person. When he arrives, he finds his hometown ravaged by a dust storm and a lot more besides.

Locals are terrified of a new cult group which has moved to town, and to make matters worse, Gavin’s sister is missing. “People” watch Gavin as he asks about his sister throughout the small dusty Western town. It doesn’t take long before his investigation turns dark, and Gavin has to deal with this new group.

The studio is looking for a large sum of $580,000 to fund the game, and it will be developed for the PC, Linux and Mac through Steam first and foremost. PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U and Xbox One are also guaranteed should the campaign be successful, but Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS releases could also be available as stretch goals.

Stay tuned.


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