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Windows 8.1 Update Finally Brings The Start Menu Back

by Jacob Kleinman | April 2, 2014April 2, 2014 11:33 am PST

windows 8.1 start menu

Microsoft earned plenty of criticism from its customers for ditching its Start Menu with Windows 8. Then Windows 8.1 brought back the Start button but used it as a portal from desktop view back to the Modern UI. Now, Microsoft is finally bringing the Start Menu back with Windows 8.1 Update 1.

This isn’t your old PC’s Start Menu though. Instead, Microsoft has redesigned the menu to mimic its Modern UI. Click the Start button and a menu of live tiles will pop up on the right, meaning you can check up on different apps without leaving your desktop. At the same time you still get a regular list of programs to choose from on the left.

Essentially, Microsoft has shrunk down its Modern UI and stuck it in the new Start Menu. It’s a smart move in the company’s ongoing saga to balance its own push towards the new interface introduced with Windows 8 against customers who prefer Microsoft’s classic operating system. Hopefully, the new Start Menu will help convince users that that live tiles aren’t all that bad. It will launch with the update on April 8.

Jacob Kleinman

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