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Spotify Rolls Out A Darker New Design for all Platforms

by Jacob Kleinman | April 2, 2014April 2, 2014 9:00 pm PST

Spotify rolled out a massive redesign for its desktop and mobile apps across iOS, Android, the Web and OS X today, unveiling a new version of the on-demand music streamer along with a few new features. The new design moves away from Spotify’s traditional list-based UI in a bid to catch up with sleeker apps from competitors Rdio and Beats Music.

The most noticeable change is how much darker everything looks. Spotify has always offered a black and grey UI to counter Apple’s bright white iTunes, but with today’s update the music streaming service gets another coat of black paint. Start using the updated apps though, and you’ll quickly realize there’s much more going on than just a new design.

Spotify now offers a Your Music feature, meaning you can pick and choose your favorite music and drop it into one easy-to-find location. Instead of constantly creating new playlists you can simply save whatever you’re listening to the most to the new section. The new Spotify also introduces an album-cover layout for browsing your music as well as smarter auto-generated playlists.

The Spotify update looks great, and it may even be enough to get me using the service again after a long search for a better alternative. You can download it now for Android, iOS and OS X or check it out the new design right in your browser.


Jacob Kleinman

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