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Samsung, HTC and Toshiba All Announce SmartGloves for April Fools

by Jacob Kleinman | April 1, 2014April 1, 2014 12:00 pm PST

htc smart glove 3

Wearables may very well be the next big trend in technology, but we doubt we’ll be picking up any of these Internet-connected gloves anytime soon. For an April Fools prank Samsung, HTC and Toshiba all unveiled their own takes on the “futuristic” technology.

Samsung Fingers

If any company is actually developing a SmartGlove it’s probably Samsung, which seems to have an endless R&D budget capable of actually creating this imaginary product. Samsung Fingers is packed with sensors, microphones and speakers, and even feature a full-sized screen in the palm of your hand, effectively replacing your current smartphone. It also has some goofy features like the ability to measure temperature and amplify your voice. Best of all, it’s solar powered.

HTC gluuv

Next up is is HTC’s super futuristic wearable, the HTC gluuv (Beta). This glove comes with a full sized HTC One (M8) strapped to your wrist and an extra Duo Camera. The gluuv apparently supports hologram video calls and also syncs with a massive portable BoomBass speaker for blasting music on the go. Like with HTC’s real smartphones, the focus here is on design, photos and a few clever features.

Toshiba DiGiT

Finally, Toshiba offers a much simpler take the SmartGlove with DiGiT. There’s no massive screen here. Instead, the device includes a Virtual Retina Display Projector that lets you watch full videos by sticking the small projector up to your eye. DiGiT also packs earbuds, microphones, a camera, an accelerometer, an LED lamp and a USB port. Toshiba’s take on the SmartGlove seems the most reasonable, though that doesn’t mean we’ll ever see anything like this hit the market.

We’re pretty impressed by all three concept designs, and a little let down that Toshiba, Samsung and HTC won’t actually be releasing these devices. It’s tough to pick a favorite. The gluuv probably looks the coolest, but seems a little bulky compared to Samsung Fingers. Then again, the DiGiT also boasts some cool features. Of course, none of these even hold a candle to the Nintendo Power Glove, which was a real product. Which SmartGlove would you wear?

Samsung HTC Toshiba

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