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Mega Man Games Coming to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console in May

by Ron Duwell | April 1, 2014April 1, 2014 7:30 pm PST

Once upon a time, Capcom promised to bring the entire line up of Game Boy Mega Man games to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console, and we are pleased to announce that day is just around the corner. Mega Man II-V and Mega Man Xtreme 1 and 2 will all be released during the month of  “Mega May,” and you get to decide which games are to be released first.

Capcom-Unity is holding a poll for fans to choose the order in which these games get released. Don’t worry because they all will grace the virtual shelves of the Nintendo eShop eventually, but if you want to play Mega Man V before you play Mega Man II, then get over there to vote.

If you want my input, Mega Man V is the best of the lot. Most of the other numbered games are black-and-white rehashes of the NES classics with charming yet simplistic takes on the console games’ level designs. Mega Man V  is the only totally original game of the bunch, and our hero fights robot masters called Staroids, each named after the planets. How cool is that?

I’d also take a gander at the two Xtreme games mostly because I never got the chance to play them back in the days of the Game Boy Color. It’ll be exciting to finally see some of my favorite action games, Mega Man X especially, remixed with simpler graphics. Which to choose? Which to choose?

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