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Find Out How Many People View Your Google+ Profile

by Jacob Kleinman | April 1, 2014April 1, 2014 1:00 pm PST

google plus update profile views

When Google+ first launched it offered an interesting new approach to social networking with Circles, and today Google+ serves more as the company’s user ID system than as a bustling platform to share links and ideas—at least among folks who aren’t regular Google users. Now, Google is striking back at the belief that Google+ is a ghost town with a new feature that shows just how many people have viewed someone’s profile.

The update means you can see just how popular you are on Google’s social network, similar to LinkedIn, which sends you an alert whenever someone views your profile. With Google+ though, you can now see the total profile views for any profile. Of course, if you’re embarrassed by your number you can always make it private by heading into the site’s settings menu and clicking Profile to make the changes.

Whether today’s update will make a real difference for Google+ is unclear, but now may be the perfect moment to make a run at the competition. Facebook recently slashed the reach any posts from brands get across the network to about five percent of their total followers according to recent reports. Meanwhile, Twitter is struggling to build its user base post-IPO, and has been forced to simplify much of its design while trying not to alienate current users. Whether these new changes will be enough to catapult Google+ to the top seems unlikely, but it’s nice to see Google pushing out a helpful and distinguishing update to its social network.

Jacob Kleinman

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