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Google Knocks 25 Percent Off Nexus and Chromebook Accessories

google play nexus accessory discount

Google has long established itself as one of the kings of April Fools pranks, but today’s special promotion in the Play Store is no cruel jest. The company is offering 25 percent off on cases for its most popular Nexus devices and Chromebook laptops, perhaps as a conciliation for anyone who fell for one of its many pranks.

If you’re looking for a way to protect your new Nexus 7 tablet Google has two options: a slim cushioned sleeve for $22.49 or a two-tone case that doubles as a stand for $37.49. If you need something to keep your Nexus 5 safe from drops check out the rubber bumper case for $26.24 or an LG-designed QuickCover case for $37.49 that turns on the screen when uncovered. Finally, Google’s offering a cushioned sleeve for its HP Chromebook 11 at just $37.49.

Unfortunately, if you own a Nexus 10 or a different Chromebook model you’re out of luck, though a quick search on Amazon should turn up some decent options at a budget-friendly price. Don’t sit on this deal — it may be gone tomorrow.

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