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Cave Story Developer’s Kero Blaster Releasing On May 11th

Cave Story fans have been waiting a long time for Studio Pixel to deliver a follow-up to the revolutionary indie title, and a year after its reveal at BitSummit 2013, Kero Blaster finally has a solid release date of May 11 for iOS and PC.

The title and story have been reworked over the last year, but none of the charm has been lost in the process. You still control a frog with an awesome array of upgradeable weapons, but now you’ll be shooting up monsters for a salary, earning your keep by cleaning your company’s teleport device of rogue beasts. PAX East attendees will be the first to get their hands on this exciting game.

The iOS version will cost $4.99 and the PC version will cost $7.99 through Japanese indie channel, Playism.

It looks like a lot of fun, but be sure to keep your expectations in check. It’s hard to follow-up on such a timeless masterpiece as Cave Story, so don’t be expecting lightning to strike in the same place twice.

No mention of the Nintendo 3DS version that Nicalis had apparently been working on.

Ron Duwell

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