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30% of All Twitch Broadcasts on March 11th were for Titanfall

by Joey Davidson | April 1, 2014April 1, 2014 3:30 pm PST

Titanfall - 5

We’re slowly approaching a full month since Twitch has been available on the Xbox One for broadcasting, and it looks like the relationship is working well for both companies. Some recent stats show that Titanfall is getting streamed a whole lot.

We received a note from Twitch’s PR Director this morning regarding the usage of the Xbox One application and Titanfall. In that note, he included these bulletpointed statistics, each interesting in their own way.

  • On March 11th, 30% of Twitch’s broadcasters were streaming from Xbox One
  • Within the first week there was a total of 108,000 unique broadcasters from Xbox One, accounting for 22% of Twitch’s broadcaster base
  • To date, Twitch members have streamed 10 million minutes of Titanfall making it the most broadcast game from Xbox One

All of Twitch was affected by the rollout of the Xbox One’s application. More than 100,000 Xbox One owners used the service in its first week, and it took the PlayStation 4 nearly a month to reach that stat.

Streaming is one of the most interesting sides of social gaming, and it really helps that two of this generation’s consoles feature such easy ways to stream. Have you tried streaming on either device yet? What do you think?


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