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PlayStation Offers Thank You Note to Developers and Fans

by Joey Davidson | March 31, 2014March 31, 2014 6:30 pm PST

Sony is offering a big thank you to the fans and developers currently supporting their newest gaming platform, the PlayStation 4. The console is off to a big start in this generation of machines, and Sony owes a lot of that to the game makers and game players.

As Adam Boyes, Vice President of Developer and Publisher Relations at SCEA, offered up on the PlayStation Blog regarding this point, there are a lot of developers working with the PlayStation 4. They’ve licensed 1,000 of them globally, and they plan on releasing at least 100 games this year alone.

The video at the head of this post accompanied the full note from Boyes, which you can read right here. It’s an interesting little clip, but, man, that song that rolls along with it is pure cheese.

It’s looking like the future is bright for the PlayStation 4. Hopefully that huge pile of developers will lead to some genuinely unique and fun gaming adventures. The world can always do with a little more of that.

Joey Davidson

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