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Apple Takes Samsung Back to Court Today

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Apple and Samsung return to court today for a second patent infringement trial in what is sure to be another exciting face-off between the two tech titans. After eventually winning almost $1 billion in damages in the last trial, Cupertino is asking for an additional $2 billion from its South Korean rival for selling smartphones and tablets that it claims violate five key patents covering some of the standard functions built into almost every mobile operating system today.

Apple will argue that Samsung knowingly copied its patented features for iOS, including “Slide to Unlock,” AutoCorrect, and universal search on a phone. The trial also covers the ability to sync a phone with a computer or the cloud while it’s in use, as well as the automatic quick links generated for dates, numbers and email addresses in text which the company calls Apple Data Detectors. Cupertino will argue it spent years developing these features, while Samsung is expected to counter that patents in general, including its own, aren’t worth as much as Apple claims.

Beyond Apple’s claims that Samsung copied its software and then turned around and released cheaper products, today’s trial has broader implications for Cupertino’s ongoing war with Google. The search giant’s open-source Android OS powers most of Samsung’s devices along with the majority of smartphones and tablets in the world. Steve Jobs famously promised to destroy Android by any means necessary, but relations between the two companies have reportedly grown warmer under Tim Cook’s leadership.

We’ll be reporting on any major news that comes from Apple and Samsung’s new patent trial. Stay tuned.

Apple Insider

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