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Tales of Zestiria Screenshots – Angelic Girls and Dull Mountains

by Ron Duwell | March 28, 2014March 28, 2014 9:30 pm PST

Tales of Zestiria has crossed that line where it becomes about as stereotypical of a JRPG as a game can possibly get. The latest bunch of screenshots show off a new character and a new land to different results.

The first is the new character recently announced in Famitsu named Edna, a young and fragile girl who has to hold an umbrella and totally wear white. You can guess her role in the adventure is as a healer, and she’ll probably end up getting captured half a dozen times along the way. She’s about as stereotypical as a modern day JRPG anime heroine can be these days.

Bandai Namco is obviously reaching for the Akihabara crowd with her.

Aside from Edna, Bandai Namco also shows off the sacred mountain of Leifolk, and while it looks great in the concept art, the reality of the PlayStation 3’s performance is a little bit disappointing. You’d think the Tales team would have the hardware on lock after already making a handful of games already for it, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Creating detail in a world has never been the Tales‘ series strength, mostly because the development team has always been far more fascinated in making its characters the focus of attention.

Tales of Zestiria‘s heavily detailed and bright cast of heroes really clashed with the dull and boring mountains. Weak textures on the cliffs, no trees, rocks, or any other objects to spruce up the atmosphere. I supposed once they get down into town, a bit more life comes into the setting, but it still remains dark, cloudy, and dull with a gray haze covering much up the lack in detail.

Very few Japanese RPG series these days have the ability to put such detail into their worlds, and the Tales series has especially never been one to do so. Don’t go expecting Tales of Zestiria to be any different.

Tales of Zestiria is expected to get a worldwide release this year exclusively on the PlayStation 3.

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