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OneNote for iPad Updated to Match New Office Apps

by Jacob Kleinman | March 28, 2014March 28, 2014 2:30 pm PST

After unveiling new versions of its Office productivity apps designed specifically for the iPad yesterday, Microsoft pushed out an update for the OneNote iPad app on Friday. The update mostly focuses on bringing its design in line with Microsoft’s new apps, but also adds some new functionality.

The new OneNote app for iPad gets the same clean lines as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, offering a sort of iOS 7-Metro hybrid design. On the functionality side, whiteboards and documents will now be auto-cropped and enhanced for a smoother experience. The update also irons out a few unnamed bugs from the previous version. It doesn’t appear everyone is pleased with the changes, however.

Some users are already complaining that the new OneNote is a step backwards. One points to the inability to delete tabs from a page. Another user called it a “poor cousin” compared to Notability and Evernote, two competitors. Others, however, spoke praise for the revamped design. The download is free if you want to give it a try for yourself now, and unlike Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iPad, it doesn’t require an Office 365 subscription.

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