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Lumia 630 Pops Up On Video Running Windows Phone 8.1

by Brandon Russell | March 28, 2014March 28, 2014 11:00 am PST

Lumia 630 colors evleaks

Information on Nokia’s Lumia 630 has been hard to come by in the past few months. Aside from some press renders, all we know is that the device is being positioned for the entry-level crowd, and that it will sport Windows Phone 8.1, an update that we’re expecting to see in early April. Imagine our surprise, then, when said device popped up online in a rather revealing video, showing off many early looks at what the 8.1 update will have to offer. The video and OS, however, are in Chinese, but luckily it’s not difficult to discern what we’re looking at.

The focus here isn’t so much on the Lumie 630 as it is on Windows Phone 8.1, what with its virtual keys, Action Center, and many other big changes noted by WPCentral. Some features that can be observed include a new stock photo apps, stock camera layout, new podcast app and an updated store layout, among many other features. Surprisingly, the one major feature that’s not shown in the video is Microsoft’s rumored Cortana virtual assistant, which we’ve already seen plenty of.

Nokia is promising “more Lumia” at an event next week on April 2, so chances are good we’ll get a nice glimpse at the 630, and maybe more. Previous specs we’ve seen rumored for the Lumia 630 include a 4.5-inch 800×480 display, quad-core Snapdragon 400 chip and 1GB of RAM. We might also see the device with a 5-megapixel camera, though there doesn’t appear to be a flash. (How many of you use flash anyway?)

Check out the video below for a brief walkthrough of the Lumia device.

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