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Are Smart Light Bulbs the Next Big Thing? Samsung Thinks So

by Jacob Kleinman | March 27, 2014March 27, 2014 10:00 pm PST

samsung smart bulb

Just days after LG announced its new Bluetooth light bulbs, Samsung sniped back with a similar announcement of its own during the Light + Building 2014 conference in Frankfurt, Germany. We’re beginning to notice a trend here, but are connected light bulbs really the next big thing, or just another gimmick in the growing Internet of Things?

Samsung’s new Smart Bulb is an impressive product. Much like LG’s model it uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone or tablet, meaning you can control the lights from your device—finally, we’ll all be freed from the tyranny of the light switch. You can also control brightness, and like LG’s version these will allegedly work for 10 years before burning out. Neither model can change colors though, unlike a competing bulb from Phillips announced last year.

It’s still unclear when and where we’ll be able to pick up smart bulbs from either Samsung or LG. Samsung’s Smart Bulb is expected to hit the consumer markets at some point, though the company didn’t actually announce pricing or availability at today’s conference. LG meanwhile plans to sell its light bulbs for roughly $32.40 in South Korea, though there’s no word on when they’ll expand to the rest of the world.


Jacob Kleinman

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