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Goat Simulator Trailer Spoofs Dead Island with Genius Results

by Ron Duwell | March 27, 2014March 27, 2014 8:30 pm PST

Where were you when you first saw Dead Island‘s revolutionary reveal trailer? At the time, it was the most emotional and heartbreaking piece of advertising ever achieved in the industry, told straight through well-crafted pre-rendered CG. However, that was nothing compared to the heartbreak many felt when they actually turned the game on only to realize this shooter had nothing to do with that little bit of misleading marketing gold.

Not to worry, though. The Internet’s favorite game, Goat Simulator, recreates the magic found in Dead Island‘s trailer and does it completely with in-engine graphics. Running over humans with a lawn mower, murdering them with a treadmill or a jet pack, or exploding a gas station. Everything seen here can be done with the simple superpower of GOAT!

I promised myself I was finished writing about Goat Simulator, but this trailer is just too perfect. It’s funny, and it casts everything that was wrong about Dead Island’s publisher misrepresenting the game in advertisements, a big topic these days, back into the forefront. In fact, this trailer has warmed me up to this “joke game” being more that just a weekend of giggle fits before it disappears back into the recesses of a game collection.

$9.99 for Goat Simulator still might be little too high of an asking price, but if you like what you see, it will be released on April 1 for the PC on its official website.

Goat Simulator

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