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NVIDIA Shield Now $199, Android 4.4 KitKat Coming April 2

Nvidia Shield - Size Comparison Hands

NVIDIA unveiled its Android-powered Shield gaming device way back during CES 2013 when it was still labeled a “Project.” A few months later the device officially launched for $249.99, and eventually gained official support for streaming PC games provided that your computer was equipped with an appropriate video card. Today, NVIDIA knocked $50 off of the Shield, bringing its new price down to $199.99. That’s not too shabby if you’re invested in Android games and prefer more console-like hardware controls.

In addition to the price drop, NVIDIA said on Tuesday that it’s going to deliver Android 4.4.2 KitKat to the Shield on April 2, when it adds even more features to the product. According to¬†Polygon, the update will let you play your PC games on the go – even when you’re not within your home’s Wi-Fi network. That’s thanks to a new beta version of GameStream, the news site said. You’ll still need to be connected to some form of network, however, whether it’s a Wi-Fi hotspot in a Starbucks or your phone’s 4G LTE connection while you’re cruising on a train. You’re no doubt going to see some lag if your connection starts to drop, but that’s still a pretty welcome new feature that should have Shield owners pretty excited.

Polygon said the new software will also allow you to access other PC software, so you’re not limited to games but could potentially open anything you wish. Additionally, you’ll be able to connect to Bluetooth-enabled peripherals like keyboards and mice – though that experience might look a bit awkward ¬†unless you’re connected to an HDTV, too.

There’s plenty of new things coming to the Shield, and we love that NVIDIA is adding even more value to the device while at the same time dropping its price. We can’t wait to check out some of these new features in the coming weeks.


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