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Microsoft Teases “Unique” Xbox One Exclusive from “Awesome” Japanese Developer

by Ron Duwell | March 25, 2014March 25, 2014 6:30 pm PST

Blue Dragon

Like most fans of Japanese video games, I’m still waiting for someone other than Nintendo to step up and deliver something amazing on this new generation of consoles. So far, all we’ve seen has been the Xbox One’s exclusive flop Crimson Dragon and another exclusive in the pipes from Deadly Premonition development studio Access Games called D4.

While most will obviously be looking to the PlayStation 4 to carry the torch for Japanese games, Microsoft Studios Phil Spencer has teased in the recent issue of Famitsu that the Xbox One will be turning out yet another Japanese exclusive, this time from someone “awesome.”

“The release date for Japan has been decided, and I’m very excited…We will release a unique, exclusive title for the Xbox One from a wonderful Japanese developer.”

More announcements have been planned to coincide with the release of the Xbox One in Japan later this September. Spencer also teased “something never before seen” from Microsoft at Tokyo Game Show 2014. You can expect our coverage live from the show this Sept 18-21.

Any guesses or hints? Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakguchi and his studio, Mistwalker, have been silent in recent years, and their little partnership with Microsoft sadly didn’t work out as either company had wanted. I can’t think of anyone else available who might be “awesome” enough to inspire such words of confidence from Spencer. Ninja Gaiden‘s Tomonobu Itagaki, maybe? Platinum Games?

The suspense is killing me, and so is wondering how Microsoft is scoring all these Japanese exclusives while Sony sits back and waits.

Famitsu IGN

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