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iPhone 6 Nano Concept Goes Old School

by Todd Haselton | March 25, 2014March 25, 2014 3:00 pm PST

Remember the older fifth generation iPod nano with its sharp edges and super rectangular body? What if Apple wanted to create an iPhone based off of that design? Well, wonder no more since one concept artist, Martin Hajek, has imagined just that. In the renders above, you can see what an iPhone 6 might look like if Apple went with the sharper-edged iPod nano look.

Hajek has added some features we would like to see, like the edge-to-edge display and a backside that’s made completely out of what appears to be brushed aluminum. The current iPhone 5s, which also sports an aluminum design, still has non-metal borders running along the top and bottom edges of the device. You’ll also note that the home button has a metal circle running around it, showing support for TouchID in this concept, and the addition of a Healthbook app, which we’re expecting in iOS 8.

We love Marin Hajek’s work, but we’re not head over heels for this specific design. We like the more futuristic, curved phones that Hajek has come up with in the past — especially the one that imagined an iPhone 6 without a home button and an iPad mini design. Even still, we do hope Apple considers adding some of these features, especially the edge-to-edge display that has been rumored. MacRumors

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