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inFamous Boosting Hardware Sales Faster than Titanfall in UK

E3 2013 - Sony - inFamous Second Son - 041

inFamous: Second Son and Titanfall have been set up by publishers and console developers alike as the first wave of quality games to be released post-PlayStation 4 and Xbox One lineups. There is little doubt they would be compared by how much they boosted sales of their respective consoles, and data is now in showing the effect these games have had in the U.K.

MCVUK, citing “a trusted retail source,”┬áhas reported that inFamous: Second Son has boosted the sales of the PlayStation 4 by 106 percent and opened up its first week on top of the sales charts. Sony’s open-world action game has been wowing audiences since its debut last year at E3, and its huge launch should be no surprise by this point. The first two games were nice little PlayStation 3 exclusives, but the hype this game has received put it in another category.

On the other hand, Titanfall reportedly boosted Xbox One sales with a jump of 96 percent the week of its release. Of course, EA and Respawn’s premiere shooter has also been released for the PC and is aiming for an Xbox 360 release next month, but with the pressure Microsoft had put on this game’s shoulders, you would expect it to see a massive boost in console sales.

Both performed very well, but one had to come out on top. I haven’t played either yet, but critical response to both has been nothing but positive. Who’s ready for round three?


Ron Duwell

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