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HTC One (M8) Google Play Edition Now Listed on Google Play

by Sean P. Aune | March 25, 2014March 25, 2014 12:00 pm PST

HTC One M8 - Google Play Edition - Official - Images

If you prefer your flagship Android phones without any skins on them, then you will definitely want to check out the HTC One (M8) Google Play Edition.

Those of you who were waiting for the Google Play Edition of the HTC One (M8) can now place your orders by heading over to the Google Play store. Be warned, however, the phone will not come cheap as it will set you back $699. HTC did warn us of the price this morning when it announced the phone, but it does still lead to a bit of sticker shock when you see it live on the site.

The HTC One (M8) Google Play Edition is keeping one feature that isn’t a stock experience, and that is support for the Duo Camera functionality. It makes sense to keep that in tact on a phone that so prominently¬†features this unique camera configuration.

As of right now the phone is simply listed as “Coming Soon” with no indication of when you will begin placing your pre-orders or when it will ship.

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