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Titanfall Gets Tweaks, Bug Fixes, Weaker Smart Pistol

by Eric Frederiksen | March 24, 2014March 24, 2014 11:00 am EST


An update for Titanfall rolled out over the weekend, balancing the game and fixing some of the worst bugs players have found so far.

Many of the adjustments are to the point value of different actions in different modes. Attrition’s score limit has been increased. Capturing the flag in CTF and defensive actions in Hardpoint will net fewer points, which should theoretically cut down on camping and make players more active.

The much-maligned Smart Pistol has been significantly weakened, with both its hip-fire accuracy and damage when not locked taking hits. Burn cards exploitable for multiple users are no longer exploitable. On the bug fix side, players should see fewer instances of titans getting stuck after they drop. Multiple issues related to riding on top of titans, both friendly and unfriendly, have also been resolved.

As Eurogamer notes, there are no big updates with this patch – this is mostly server-side tweaks and small adjustments; private lobbies are coming along later.

Check out the full list of balances and bug fixes on the Titanfall blog at the link below.

Titanfall Blog

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