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Roku’s iOS App Better Than Ever After Redesign

by Jacob Kleinman | March 24, 2014March 24, 2014 9:00 pm PST

Roku’s line of popular set-top boxes come with their own easy-to-use remotes, but did you know you can also download an app to control your Roku with a smartphone or tablet? While using the app isn’t quite as fluid as the official remote, it’s still a nice option to have, and today Roku’s app for iOS got a major upgrade that makes it even better.

Today’s update makes the Roku app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch almost identical to the physical remote when it comes to button layout, removing the clutter to make it a more intuitive experience with just a few added lines. The big news, however, is the ability to search. Type an actor, director or show into the app and see what comes up across Roku’s countless channels. Then click on a result to immediately launch the service on your TV.

Roku managed to build a successful brand by offering the most streaming options in a set-top box, along with a super easy to use interface. But with growing competition from companies like Google, Amazon and Apple that boast deep pockets and strong ecosystems, the fate of this small Saratoga-based company is uncertain. Improving your apps is one thing, but if Roku wants to succeed in the long term it needs to prove it hast more than just one trick up its sleeve.

The company has already announced plans to for a line of upcoming smart TV’s with its software baked right in. That’s a nice start but we’re already eager to see what Roku will do next. If you haven’t already downloaded the Roku app hit the source link below and grab it for free.

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Jacob Kleinman

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