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iOS 8 Healthbook Concept Imagines iWatch Sync, More

by Todd Haselton | March 24, 2014March 24, 2014 10:30 am PST

Right now the existence of an iWatch seems to be mostly based around rumors and speculation. In fact, there are plenty of pundits out there who still don’t believe Apple is working on a wearable and will instead use software to sync up with third party devices. The software in question, which has been discussed and confirmed by 9to5Mac, is Healthbook, a new app that will allegedly exist inside of iOS 8.

As we’ve seen in leaked photographs, Healthbook will allow you to keep track of various stats, including how far you’ve walked, how many calories you’ve burned, your heart rate and more. Right now, the M7 processor inside of the iPhone 5s already allows you to keep track of some of that data, though the rumored iWatch may allow you to record much more information thanks to built-in sensors. ConceptsiPhone recently published a video to YouTube that builds on some of the leaked screenshots and imagines how the software might work, specifically with an iWatch.

“Healthbook is the diary of your body,” the app concept says. “It syncs with your iWatch and allows you to keep track of all your progress as well as many of your body values.” The concept imagines having a user log-in using an Apple ID, perhaps also opening up the possibility of storing data in iCloud, and shows different cards for statistics, objectives, vital functions (your heart rate, blood pressure, hydration level and oxygen level), and a card for information about you that shows your height, weight and age.

The concept is unique, but again it’s built purely off of the leaked photos we’ve seen and on speculation that an iWatch even exists. If it does, we don’t yet know what kind of sensors it will employ. It’s possible that third party medical tools will be required for the more in-depth readings that provide information on your blood pressure and oxygen levels. At the very least, it’s a compelling look at what might be coming down the road.

Todd Haselton

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