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Google Now Hits Chrome – Your Browser Is Now More Powerful Than Ever

by Jacob Kleinman | March 24, 2014March 24, 2014 3:00 pm PST

Google Now Chrome

Google’s predictive digital assistant, Google Now, is about to invade your computer. The extremely helpful service was previously only available on Android and iOS, and in beta versions for Chrome, but starting today it comes baked right into the Chrome Browser for Mac and Windows.

Google Now for Chrome won’t show everything you get on Android, where the service is really at its best. However, you’ll still see information cards covering the weather, relevant directions, your frequent destinations, package shipping status updates and more. The update should roll out to everyone on Chrome automatically within the next few weeks, though if you just can’t wait there’s always that beta test from last month that’s still available for download.

Most Android users already know how amazing Google Now can be, but the iOS version doesn’t offer the full experience, and Windows Phone is still left out in the cold. By introducing Google Now to even more people, the search giant can now show the rest of the world just how powerful the service is. Who knows? Perhaps some folks will love it so much they’ll move to Android.

At the very least, you’ll now have one of the best intelligent engines just a mouse click away.


Jacob Kleinman

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